Boost Auto Sales with Business Scent Machines

Research shows that automotive dealerships can benefit greatly
from scenting their showrooms.  Adding an ambient scent that is aligned with a brand’s identity deepens the relationship with potential clients, forming a stronger connection with each showroom visit.  In scented surroundings, customers will linger longer, allowing them to enhance their perception and emotion tied to that brand’s image, creating a memorable and trustworthy atmosphere for customers.  

Certain scents work great in showrooms.  In studies, vanilla has been shown to instill
trust, while the scent notes of leather and mahogany convey a feeling of luxury. 

Automotive Industry: Auto Showroom Scenting

The automobile industry is one of perception and messaging. Customers buy vehicles to make a statement, but before the actual purchase is made, the showroom environment can heavily influence the decision.

Scent Machines for Auto Showrooms and Auto Events

You've curated a luxurious, impeccable experience in your auto showroom– but what does it smell like? Our consultants can help you install scent diffusers that evoke new-car feeling on your sales floor. Take advantage of proven scent marketing strategies to boost sales today.

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Creating a custom scent for a brand or car dealership is not a one-size-fits-all process. It involves digging deep to discover what the brand represents and who comprises its customer base. It’s crucial to pay careful attention to the kind of buying experience the brand is trying to evoke and what kind of driving experience it represents.