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The two most defining aspects of your guests’ hotel experience is how they feel during their stay and what they remember about their visit long after they have left.  Scent is a powerful way to influence their experience from the moment they step foot into your lobby- even before they are aware of the décor or artwork, and it remains embedded in their memories, long after they have left. 

Elevate Guest Experiences

Signature Scents distinguish top-tier luxury and boutique hotel experiences from the norm, and create a lasting impact on the perceived quality of a hotel stay. Scent, like no other sense, can subconsciously impact human emotions and reinforce your hotel's brand message.

Let Aroma360®'s scent marketing experts help you create an unforgettable olfactory logo and setup a high-quality, low-maintenance scenting system. Our scenting systems, fragrances, and exceptional business scenting service can help you enerate brand loyalty, enhance every space of your hotel, and encourage long-lasting positive memories of their stay.

Our sense of smell is the strongest of our five senses.  Intrinsically connected to memory and emotion it can be a powerful tool for a hotel to use. Capture this power by elevating the guest experience with a Signature Scent. 

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Whether you're managing a boutique hotel or a multinational chain, our scent marketing experts are here to help you get started.

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We focus on creating a personalized, customized scent strategy for our clients. We take into account the psychological implications that scent has on us. This can help a guest connect with a hotel before the guest is even aware of the artwork or the decor.

" I have been using Aroma 360 for over a year now. I am extremely satisfied with the product. Our customers always ask us about the fragrance as they walk in to our lobby. I personally love the summer breeze fragrance. I would highly recommend to use Aroma 360 to everyone."

Prativ Patel

Hotel Aura - Owner