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Research shows people working in scented areas demonstrate better self-sufficiency and are more likely to adopt productive work strategies. Utilizing the right ingredients in a scent can have a tremendous effect on your employees. Studies have shown that error rates in typing were significantly reduced when operators were exposed to lemon and lavender fragrances and an increased performance in speed and accuracy when scents such as peppermint were administered. Not only can scenting a commercial office assist in these areas, it can also create a more pleasant feel, reduce stress, and build trust.

Business Diffusers and Scent Systems for Offices

The working environment plays an intricate role in the overall success of employees while on the job. Create the kind of environment that encourages your employees to work hard while enjoying their surroundings. Scenting impacts your environment in a way that even the most expensive painting and furnishings cannot. Create an atmosphere at your office where ideas can flow and productivity can flourish.

Start Scenting Your Office Space

Scenting is one of the simplest, most effective strategies for optimizing your workplace. Foster better client interractions, promote a healthier workspace, and encourage positive energy in your office with Aroma360®'s business scenting systems.

We serve offices large and small with top-tier scent machines, and offer low-maintenance solutions for every space. Reach out to speak with a scent consultant about our business scenting machines.

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Scenting is able to subconsciously influence anyone in your office. You can choose a scent that is area-purposed for your busiest work zones to increase productivity. You can choose an entirely different scent for your lobby or waiting area that instills feelings of calm and trust, and even reduces perceived length of wait time. The comfiest chair and most aesthetically pleasing décor can’t accomplish that.

Discover Aroma360® scent solutions that can transform the way your office does business.

"When creating an engaging brand experience at tradeshows and conferences, it’s often difficult to find that great new thing that fits with the brand and truly adds to the experience. With Aroma360®, we found that special something. By adding our new brand fragrance, we’re able engage with prospective customers utilizing all five senses."

Andy Whaley

SrVP-Marketing | AG Financial Solutions

"We believe that developing a connection with our customers is vital to our brands success. When curating that experience we feel that you can not overlook any detail. Aroma360® has been a valuable asset in the curation of our unique experience we offer to our brand partners and consumers. "

Jordan Schlosser

Founder & CEO | Cannabinoid Water, LLC